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Got Gratitude? Research shows that practices related to gratitude lead to more optimism, energy, determination and goal attainment.

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Self-Help Tools for Personal Growth and Change

Welcome to – an online resource for personal growth and positive change.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassionate action.”  This reflects the overall mission of this site – to provide information and tools that educate, inspire and empower people to foster wellness in the world…starting with oneself.

Change, from the inside out!

Creating change from within helps you feel better and function better on an intrapersonal level. That’s the obvious part.  But, it also leads to positive changes on the outside – in your relationships and community.

So, when you think about self-improvement or healing, remember that this work benefits more than just yourself.  Hopefully, that will serve as a motivating thought.  At the same time, it’s important to recognize that all beings struggle in some way or another; that’s simply part of what it means to be human.

Recognizing that you’re not alone in the process of growth and personal development is a significant contradiction to the sense of isolation that can foster emotional suffering and stagnation. Keep that in mind, too, as you look around this site.

The Posts on

Through a blend of scientific knowledge and subjective experience, karunaweb features content designed to nourish the soul.

Some of the posts are straightforward, quick reads:

1.)   Find Your Momentum

2.)   Meditation Increases Compassion

3.)   What You Focus on Grows

4.)   Boost Your Brain Power with Exercise

Some are long and more academic:

1.)   How to Change Behavior

2.)   Responding vs. Reacting

3.)   Stress Management 101

Some are practical and instructional:

1.)   Practical Psychology Tools

2.)   Communication Skills for Couples

3.)   What is Mindfulness?

4.)   Ways to Deal with Anxiety: Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Some feature interviews with experts that serve to educate and inform:

1.)   Diane Cote, LCSW – Fertility Counselor in SF Bay Area

2.)   Beth Baron, CMTPT, CMT – Massage Therapist in Berkeley, CA

3.)   Janice Geller, LPC, LMBT – Mind-Body Healer in Durham, NC

And, others take a somewhat lighter approach, blending the concept of play with psychological growth:

1.)   Sports Psychology Series

*Serena Williams, Lebron James, Football Coaches Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, and more…

2.)   Health Strategies Beyond Good Diet and Exercise

As you can see, there’s a place to post comments on most, but not all pages.  Feel free to share a comment or question there or via email:  I will do my best to reply to your comment in a timely manner.  Enjoy!

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